Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FLAT course and TIME

Time...just as everyone else says, is the commodity that cannot be reproduced.

Wow. Joining the F.L.A.T. classroom course was something that I had considered for a while. I knew that working at United Nations International School (UNIS) while trying to juggle night classes would be a challenge. However, right now I am really trying to just stay afloat. In two weeks I have flown to Bangkok to meet with another teacher about a possible inter-school unit, spent four days at South Saigon International School coaching middle school basketball in the M.I.R.S.A. tournament (we won!), co-authoring a grant for stand up desks in my M.Y.P. classroom, completing two days of in-school professional development (visible thinking workshop) and finishing up an on-line class about creativity at Stanford university. Some days it is enough to make your head spin. However, that is life at an international school like UNIS.

My dedication to concepts of F.L.A.T. is strong, but trying to find enough hours in the day to make it happen have been difficult. Little things like having issues with the Ning (still can't figure out why I have a 12-2 member profile, but it does not appear that way for the administrators) are not fun, but are worth overcoming. We are 8 weeks out from starting our digital citizenship unit with our year 2 M.Y.P. students. I feel like there are parts of our unit that are very worth sharing with the wider F.L.A.T. community. I want to merge that unit with the Digiteen unit that I have heard so much about. I am busy right now prepping a proposal for our principal about the F.L.A.T. conference at Y.I.S. in 2013.

Sometimes it feels like I am taking care of some of the bigger things with the F.L.A.T. course such as keeping up with meetings and readings, but have a hard time checking the Ning everyday. I don't take days off and really have no free time (I love it), but still need to find a better way to meet the requirements.

I will get there. Julie has been great....and I really am enjoying the rest of my cohort. I will get there if I stay positive.

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